Mental health is not a destination but a process

Everyone struggles at times. We can feel stuck and feel like our problems are insurmountable, but they’re not…even if we’re paralyzed with anxiety or depression or loss.

Change is Constant, How we React is Dynamic … Learn How to Lean Into Change

Whatever change you’d like to make, whether in the quality of your relationships, the satisfaction of your career, or your spiritual/physical/emotional life- balance—psychotherapy can help you make it.

With more than 20 years as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I am an expert at identifying roadblocks that might be keeping you from achieving your goals, and finding your inner peace and contentment. My sessions are supportive, nurturing and rooted in practical interaction.

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Meet Lisa Goalen

After more than two decades of working with adults, teens and children I have a seasoned practice with a strong set of skills to aid a broad spectrum of clients. I have worked successfully with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship ruptures, eating disorders, and difficulties with painful life transitions such as divorce, illness or death. 


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